Do You Avoid Confrontation?

Written by Antia Boyd on Aug. 23rd 2019

Are you running away from rocking the boat?🔥

How is that working for you?

Do you have men walk all over you or cancel on you last minute???🕳

Do you have family/friends and your coworkers take you for granted?🤭

Can you still look yourself in the mirror and respect yourself?

Not an easy conversation I know.

As a matter of fact - SUUUUUUPER uncomfortable.

Like wanting to hide in the corner kind of uncomfortable.😳

Believe me I know.

I was a doormat for the longest time. 👀

I was so afraid I would loose people or men when I needed them the most.

Do you relate?

Consider this;

What if conflict is HEALING?💚

What if it helps you to come into alignment meaning:
What you = What you say = What you do💝

And what if it helps you to not only grow tremendous
self trust but deepens the bond between you and the other person?🐨🐨

I know it's a risk but so is staying where you are.🙃

When would NOW be a good time to step into your TRUTH and let your voice be HEARD???👠

Lean in and ROAR into the world!!! 🌈

Say YES!!!! to yourself.
Shout it! Sing it! Dance it! 👑

What are you ready to say YES to?

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